Mastering Emotions, Moods and Reactions Workbook




Mastering our emotions, moods and reactions begins with understanding our fundamental nature as living, growing organisms. Our biological processes are full of rhythms, pulsations, flowing liquid and moving breath.

Nature’s forces are powerful and enduring. If we try to fight against a powerful wind, we can be quickly overcome by it. But if we can accept, study, and harness those same forces, we can power a sailboat or a windmill.

By stepping back and looking at the bigger picture of our own internal nature, we can more easily understand our own patterns and rhythms; and if we begin by accepting these as they are, we can use their power and direct them in ways that work better for us, rather than fighting against ourselves; against our own nature.

In this workbook, we’ll come to understand ourselves as living biological organisms, to use that understanding to gain more mastery of our own emotions, moods and reactions, and to find a deeper sense of comfort and safety within ourselves, a stronger sense of joy and satisfaction with others, and a greater sense of curiosity and expansiveness in our lives.

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